Cashunt Crete - The Ultimate city game

What is Cashunt?

Cashunt  Heraklion is a Premium Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Competition that offers 4 different fun, funny, interactive, competitive bonus rounds.

All games take place in the heart of Heraklion, Crete.

  • We start in the heart of downtown Heraklion at the Lion Square fountain.
  • We hand each team a customized game bag that contains a game book, props ,digital camera, name tags, and a pen.
  • We split your group into teams ( the minimum is 4 players total.)
  • Game radius is all around downtown including the port area.
  • It is 2 and a half hrs( 2 hr. game and 30 min. post game.)
  • A game coordinator is on the site throughout the time of the game.
  • Do not need to know the area to play.


Contains 4 bonus rounds.

  • Photo scavenger hunt. ( you receive all photos and videos online password protected 24 to 48 hours after the event.)
  • A Heraklion Crete Trivia Hunt.
  • The Coin Rush bonus round.
  • 6 item Video Dash.
  • The 7 piece Art Dash.

There is no particular order of the game, any portion can be played at anytime during the 2 hrs.
For coorporate teambuilding, birthdays, wedding parties the games are customized.

The game is played on foot and everything is in walking distance.